Jeremy Dennison has always had the desire to serve. For Jeremy, this service has been through military service including the Army Reserves from 1997 to 2005, and the Army National Guard from 2008 to 2015. Jeremy was deployed three times to Iraq (twice) and Kosovo and again stateside during the Ferguson protests.

Jeremy has been married for 23 years to his wife, Wendy. They have three grown sons. He is a Pipefitter by trade at a local company.

Jeremy grew up in a blue-collar middle-class family and has been working 40-hour weeks since he was 15 years old – working summers in a family friend’s shop. After high school he worked residential construction, and then in a factory until becoming a pipefitter apprentice in 1996. Jeremy has been a pipefitter for 25 years, except for 2005, when he obtained his CDL and drove over the road – because there was no work as a fitter.

Jeremy has lived the life of a blue collar American his entire life.

Jeremy is the best choice to represent Missouri’s 8th District because he is representative of the hard working conservatively grounded people of Southeastern and Southern Missouri.

He believes strongly in limiting the federal government’s strangling regulations on our everyday lives, and on the companies and industry that keep us all employed. In these hard times in particular, it is important that the government’s focus is on the well being of Americans first. This requires a strong and secure border, businesses that are free to open their doors when and how they see fit, and encouraging employers to keep their manufacturing jobs here in the United States and this cannot be done by taxing them and regulating them into submission.

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