• Election Integrity—The unconstitutional election process changes made by the left in the name of accessibility due to Covid-19 opened the door to large counts of voter fraud and in turn destroyed the confidence of the American people in their election process. The continuation of this attack with HB 1 is nothing short of a ridiculous partisan attempt by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to ensure that they maintain power and control by federalizing the election processes that are constitutionally controlled by the legislature of each State. I will fight with everything I have, working with the Republican minority to keep this from happening.
  • Silencing of Conservatism – The First Amendment rights of conservative Americans is under attack by the liberal media including social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter who currently enjoy protection under Section 230. The only “fact checking” that is done is done on conservative posts and comments. Liberal media coverage of conservative politicians and in particular President Trump was consistently negative, while purposely hiding unfavorable liberal news stories. Section 230 must be pulled from media entities who act in an editorial capacity in violation of the Section 230 guidelines. Others using their power to shut down conservative competition such as Parlor must be investigated for antitrust violations.
  • Immigration/Border Security – Under President Trump construction of a proper border wall made more headway than under any previous President, requirements for asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while applying for asylum and to apply for the same in the first safe country adjacent to theirs reduced illegal immigration numbers to historically low levels. President Biden’s string of executive orders violates the immigration laws of this great country and have created a new wave of asylum seekers and thousands of unaccompanied minors. We must get back to upholding the immigration laws of the United States and discouraging the waves of illegal immigrants who are looking to take advantage of the Biden Administration’s open door.
  • 2nd Amendment Rights – In predictable form the Democrats are coming after our constitutional right to bear arms with bills such as H.R. 127 and H.R. 5717. Add to this the plan for President Biden to assign Beto “hell yes we’re coming after your AR 15 and your AK 47” O’Roark as his “gun Czar” and you can see the relentless attack that must be met with an absolute refusal to allow them to be sold to the American people as anything but an assault on our rights. Without the Second there is no First.
  • Term Limits for Congress – It is more than past time for Congress to accept what over 80 percent of the people of the United States agrees with, that just as the 22nd Amendment was needed to place term limits on the President, there is now a glaring need to limit the amount of time that politicians can remain in the House and Senate. With the advantages that are inherent to an incumbent including a monetary head start, sometimes in the millions of dollars, the backing of lobbyists who have a vested interest in keeping them in office, and even the help of the parties to hamper any challengers from entering, career politicians are now spending 30, 40 or more years amassing power, influence, and wealth at the expense of the American people. As we have seen here in Missouri, Term Limits work by creating an open seat every 8 years allowing for others to represent the people of their districts and states.

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